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Which Corner Are You Missing?

Hey Mom

The 4th Man

Think 200
Pastor Dan shares a fresh vision for all of us at Church of Tomorrow with a messaged entitled "Think 200". Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. #tmrwsundays #think200 #vision
Is There REALLY Only One Way?
Why the Crucifixion? Was it necessary that Jesus died on a Cross? Was he resurrected from the dead? If so, why? Is there a significance to what He did? Is…
The Gospel Approved
Dr. Chris Cody delivers a message on Palm Sunday entitled The Gospel Approved. We stand in awe of our amazing God and reflect upon the events that changed everything -…
New Creation or New World Order?

A New Era Under The Influence

What Happened To America

The Answer
Pastor Dan brings us a Word of truth in a Message about “The Answer” for 10:00am Morning Service at Church Of Tomorrow.
Critical Blank Theory
Pastor Dan shares a Message he prepared for the church about “Critical ______Theory.” Church Of Tomorrow this Sunday, March 6th, at 10AM.
The Unknown Prince of Preachers